Trisha "Chu" Lammert
Voice Actress

Chu got her start in the voice over world by posting tutorial videos on YouTube. She received so many encouraging comments about her voice that she was inspired to try out for a local radio contest... and she won!

That was just the beginning of forming professional relationships in the industry, learning about the craft of voice over and voice acting, and becoming familiar with all of the technical aspects involved. She has been an active participant in the voice over community since 2014.


  • Various published commercial roles for radio, web video, and television

  • Experience with character voices, narration, educational content, and technical how-to

  • Lip-syncing and dubbing experience (to match lip flaps of a character)

  • Audio editing and audio cleanup with professional software

  • Online host for live streams, videos, and growing communities

  • Professional communication skills

Noteworthy Roles

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