TERA – Let’s Learn About Elin! No Pedo. You’re Safe.

In this video I get on my soap box and preach all about the elin of Tera. What are they? How old are they? Is it okay to party with one in a swimsuit? Speaking of swimsuits, why did elin get the only design that didn’t suck? And what about guys playing elin characters in Tera?

All this and more explained in Elin 101!

P.S. Apologies for the quality of the video. I used a different method to chop this one together and apparently it is far inferior to what I had been doing. 🙁 Will work this out!

Also: I gathered my lore info and other info from the Tera website. When no information in the guide could be found, I consulted wikis, Tera players, and my own common sense.

Leave your thoughts on the elin and this somewhat controversial topic here or make a video response with your feelings!

(Published on Aug 19, 2012)

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