Santa Company Christmas Fan Dub!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I wanted to put a lot of effort into something special, like a gift to everyone here.

So please accept my gift to you!

Santa Company is an anime that was actually Kickstarted! It’s a 30 minute Christmas special and it’s amazing. Please check it out and consider grabbing a copy!

All assets (except our voices) are from Santa Company.

Speaking of voices!

Voice Talents:

Bell – Victor Luis Ybarra

His YouTube Channel:


Mint – skip beat

Thomas – Robby Moreau

His YouTube Channel:

Noel – Chu/Ionait

P.S. Thank you all so much for a wonderful year. I am so grateful for the friends I have made, the content I have been able to work on, and all of the great strides you all helped me make in 2014!

Here’s to a fantastic 2015!

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