Review – St. Dragon Girl manga (Chapter One) – CBP Blast from the Past!

Review: St. Dragon Girl (the manga)

Here is another CBP! Blast from the Past! This aired on the Chu! Bam! Pow! website (now out of commission) back in 2011, when I was first starting out. I will do my best to get some subtitles on this baby or at least a transcript soon because for some reason I slur like a wild person. Maybe I was on some good meds that day.

I’m posting this purely for entertainment/archival purposes, and do hope that the quality of my videos has improved a great deal since I started making these little review podcasts!

If you read St. Dragon Girl and have anything to add, feel free to let the world know about it in the comments! I had a rough time reading it, but maybe someone else had a different experience?


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