Ren’Py for Beginners! 1: Overview/The GUTS

Ren’Py is a free tool that allows even non-code savvy folks to create their own video games and (mostly) visual novels!

In this video, we check out a game made with Ren’Py and then dive into its GUTS, the code used to create it! We’re jacking into the Matrix!

This video is perfect for you if you want to know:
What is Ren’Py?
What is a Visual Novel?
What does Ren’Py code look like?
Could I make a game with Ren’Py?

GET REN’PY (It’s Free!):

Ren’Py comes bundled with The Question. After downloading Ren’Py, launch it and then launch The Question along with me to follow along with the video!

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