Reimu’s Contemplation – Touhou MMD – My First VA Role!

I am proud to present ‘Reimu’s Contemplation,’ a short Touhou inspired video by Groudon100 / Siberian Rusky!

Visit him please!

His version of the video:
It’s worth watching again just to see the cute outro he made for Reimu!

I provided the voice of Reimu! This is my first experience being a VA and I had such a wonderful person guiding me on this journey!

Thanks to Mr. Rusky for allowing me to work on this passion project with him and thank you to all of the viewers of Chu! Bam! Pow! who have absolutely spoiled me and given me the courage to try.

I’ll stop my corniness there! Onto the details!

(Provided by Groudon100 / Siberian Rusky)

MMD ver739

Voice Actress:
Chu! Bam! Pow!/Ionait

Hakurei Reimu Model – Nigamon

Stage – Hakurei Shrine – VPVP Wiki

Sakura Trees – Yumin Space

Skydome – btabc (DA ID)

Greener Shader
PostRim lighting
Sakura V2
True Camera
Post BillBorde

Edited in:
Adobe Premiere Pro

SFX from:

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