My Kids Play – Disney’s Castle of Illusion – Part One

My children, 4 and 2 years old, grab a controller and make their first let’s play! The game is the Disney’s Castle of Illusion demo on the Playstation 3. I also throw in some tips to help you avid gamers out there really get the most out of your Mickey Mouse!

Hope you guys enjoy this little jaunt through the woods! I know the camera on the kids is a little ghetto (surprise! It’s my iPhone!) but it was fun. Everyone involved had so much fun making it, I just might do more of these.

The best thing about giving your kid a controller is finding out more about them. My kids never like the games I think they will. They also master mechanics I thought they never would have and fumble with mechanics I thought they’d find easy. It’s a great experience for everyone!

Go play games with your family!


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