Mirrors and Souls – C Money of Soul and Possibility AMV

A new AMV! I really loved C: The Money of Soul and Possibility and I owed Crimson Buddha an AMV. We literally, and I mean literally the way it is meant to be used, searched for music for over an hour that would fit the feel I wanted for this AMV.

Speaking of! Listen to the FULL song here:

Visit the FB page for a free download here:

Thanks to Wav Surgeon for the permission to use this awesome song and of course thanks for making it to begin with!

I did run out of sanity to work on this and I did cut the song short in several places so please do listen to the full song! Complications with my hard drive caused this AMV to be somewhat rushed. I hope you still enjoy it and I hope it still shows my love of this awesome anime! Go watch it!

Watch C free on Funimation:

No copyright infringement intended toward anyone here. Just sharing my love of anime and good jams. Not for profit.

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