Let’s Play Path of Exile – The Newest F2P Diablo Clone!

The gang and I check out POE or Path of Exile, a new Diablo clone that has recently gone into open beta. It’s free to play and I love Diablo like woah, so it should be great! We trek through the Teraces, Tidal Island, the Fetid Pool, and the Mud Flats.

Ionait (AbsolutelytheBest)
Liam (Liam_Shepard)
Dr. Batman (IHateCrack)
Shoei (YellowBear)

Get the game and learn more about it here: http://www.pathofexile.com/

P.S. Fraps and I still can’t quite get along. This time it cut out my voice. You don’t miss too much though, and Dr. Batman provides a lot of tutorial lessons for those starting the game fresh!

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