Let’s Play Civilization V! THE BLOOD FEUD!

The gang and I play Civilization V! It’s a free for all and I immediately get picked on by the bigger kid on the playground of life. And it’s sad.

I haven’t had “oops audio” in a while. In fact, most of you probably don’t know what the means. But you do now! For some reason Fraps decided not to record any audio but my mic. It does that sometimes and I should know better than to just record and have faith in it. Because it’s the devil.

Anywho, though the gang are with me saying hilarious and witty things, you can’t hear them. So I mostly used clips of me speaking and subtitled the guys when I could. ;_; I’m sorry because this was actually the best most hilarious play session in the world.

Would you like to see more Civilization V or even Beyond Earth when it is released? We all play Civ A LOT and it’s a pretty crazy time considering what kind of game it is. xD So let me know if you enjoyed this video and want MOAR!

Whenever I play with the gang/the fellas/not just me, the video will be labeled “Let’s Play.” When I’m by myself, it’ll still be labeled “Chu! on!” I’m trying to label the videos better to reflect the content.

This description is longer than the video. I should win something.

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