Jisei – Ion’s Un-Scary Halloween

Welcome to my special un-scary Halloween! All month long I’ll be attempting to play games that freak me out while then delivering them to you in a non-threatening fashion.

Jisei is an interactive visual novel where you make choices, ask questions, and search for clues while trying to find answers about yourself and the mysterious murders that take place around you.

Check out the game (and its TWO sequels!): http://sakevisual.com/jisei/

This video features only my first 45 minutes of play and that is condensed down to what you see as 3 minutes! So I decided to be fair and write some pros and cons!

Murder Mystery theme is cool!
The protagonist is mysterious and has supernatural powers!
I have no idea who the murderer is.
Beautiful art!
Above average voice acting talent! (The game is FULLY voiced except for the main character! My bad editing misrepresents this sometimes.)
Music?! So good… so good…

I want to leave the cafe. I have been in the cafe for the entirety of my 45 minutes. Please let me leave the cafe.
I have no idea who the murderer is. (When one person in the cafe is suspicious, so are the others. When one has their name cleared, the others basically get their names cleared. Everyone is at a constant equal level of suspicion and that’s.. weird to me…)
Fetch questy as heck.

Overall I am enjoying the game despite the flaws and want to know what happens!

What do you guys think? Any other scary games you’d like to see condensed into the un-scary format?

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