How To: Uncensor Huniepop for Steam

I saw a lot of people asking so I made a short tutorial to decensor Huniepop for Steam. It’s super easy thankfully!


If you have problems saving the link, try opening in a browser instead of your Steam program. Browser works best!

Right click the link and hit save as.

If you can’t download the file for any reason, you can make your own. I made another very, very short tutorial on that after the link seemed to break. Here it is:

Place the file in the same folder as your Huniepop.exe file. Mine was located at C Drive – Program Files (x86) – Steam – Steamapps – Common – Huniepop.


Thanks to Dr. Batman for again being my go-to censor guy.

My Huniepop Review:


Steam (All Ages Version – You’ll Need This Patch!):
(^ my affiliate link)
Huniepop Official:

(There is now a physical copy of the game too!)

The MangaGamer and Huniepop Official Website versions each come with a steam code as of this writing! So you get the adult version and the Steam version!

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