How To Play Blade and Soul with Uncensor/English Patch – Russian Server – UPDATED

Welcome to my latest play Blade and Soul tutorial! This tutorial is up to date as of March 2015 and covers the steps to playing the free to play Russian version from with the English, Uncensor, and Language Audio patches.

The only link you need is:

*If you get a 404 error on download, try making your account FIRST. That seems to clear up any problems.

The audio languages: “they are in the order of Chinese, Korean, then Japanese”
– (Thanks to Francis You!)
I tried to cut out most of my rambling but I’m never perfect. ^^; I also tried to cover some frequently asked questions from my previous PlayBNS tutorial.

For more FAQs and solutions, you can check out this handy guide!

And check out the English forums here!

If you’re encountering errors like nothing happening after hitting play:

MY WALLPAPERS (RWBY Fan Art. I did not make these!!!)

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Happy Gaming! See you again soon!

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