How To Play Blade and Soul Free in English! (Russian Server Ver.)

This tutorial is out of date! Please watch my updated version of this tutorial here!


Welcome to a brand new Blade and Soul tutorial, this time covering the Russian version of the game (which is so much easier to install and play)!

The tutorial covers downloading and installing the client and then downloading, installing, and using the very, very cool English patch for the game which even includes multiple audio languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean), and the uncensor patch!

Links From the Video:
Main Site:
English Patch Forum:
English Patch Download:

READ THIS for a helpful guide and information on current bugs (Like the LYN BLADEMASTER BUG!):

Helpful tips from hekti119:
“For anyone having issues with the audio and censoring, make sure when the client is done patching you click the gear in the top right corner and fix the settings to match up with the english patch settings you set.
When inside the gear, the first option is censoring. Left dot = censored, right = uncensored
Second option is language. Left dot = Russian, right = English
Third option is audio language. Top dot = Chinese, middle = Korean, Bottom = Japanese”

Did you know Blade and Soul even has an anime adaption? You can watch free on Crunchyroll (with English subtitles)!

Using my affiliate link helps out Chu! Bam! Pow!

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