How To: Make Your Own Huniepop Decensor Patch

So, people are suddenly having problems downloading the official decensor patch for Huniepop. I can’t actually host a file for all of you, so instead, let’s do a craft!

Here are the easy steps to making your own decensor patch for Huniepop! Which I hope is okay. I think this is okay. If it’s not okay, Huniepop devs or Steam or whoever, please let me know.

Name the file: huniepop_uncensored_patch
Copy/Paste for accuracy!

How to show/hide file extensions in Windows 8:

Instructions for Mac Users:
1: Save as .rtf file (or I guess .txt file)
2: Click file and hit (Command + i)
3: Go to “Name & Extensions” and change the extension from “.rtf” to “.game”
4: Click the prompt to keep “.game”
5: Drop file in this location: “~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/HuniePop”
Note: The “~” in this case would be your User, but you should be able to hit (Command+Shift+G) for Go to folder option and just copy and paste step 5.
— Courtesy of AverageWhat

My HuniePop Review:

The original how to decensor Huniepop Video:

My catchy background tunes:
“Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Steam (All Ages Version – You’ll Need This Patch!):
(^ my affiliate link)
Huniepop Official:

(There is now a physical copy of the game too!)

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