How to Make A Phantasy Star Online 2 Account!

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a fairly new MMORPG that is free to play but, so far, has only been released in Japan. In this tutorial I’ll explain how to make a new Sega ID, where to download the game, and how to install, update, and launch the game. From there we’ll pick a server, log in, and get to the character creation screen. Pictures and video are provided throughout with translations of Japanese text.

The websites I walk you through in this video are:

*If you already have a Sega ID, you’ll skip to the step where we head to the webpage. For most people, this is likely not the case.

I hope this tutorial is useful and fun!

UPDATE: If you need more help or encounter errors during registration, I made a special error/fix video!

UPDATE #2: This video may be out of date for some parts of registration. Most people still don’t have issues while using this video tutorial. I haven’t gone through the process again to see what is new for myself, however, so there may be a part not addressed here. If so, I apologize!

UPDATE #3: I will no longer be responding to comments with questions about the account process. Please go to my follow-up video or simply expand the comments on this video and hit ctrl+f and type in the number of your error. For example, ctrl+f, 25, for error 25. I have responded to inquiries about tons of errors already, so you’ll likely find your answer here without having to ask me. I do love your comments though and keep helping each other out! WOOHOO!

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