Happy Valentine’s Day from Chu! Bam! Pow!

Hello everyone!

My Valentine’s Day gift to all of you isn’t quite finished yet, at least the visual component. However, the audio component is all done, lovingly crafted to hopefully make you smile this Valentine’s Day, whether you be in the arms of a loved one or just chilling on your own today! So please enjoy and I hope you smile (maybe even laugh) today!


Welcome Home Darling!

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re still out in the world, grocery shopping, going to work, or going to school! Someone special is waiting for you at home, nervously pacing as they try to work out the right words to tell you…

Cheer her on! I hope she can get it right!

And now is her chance to really surprise you because you’re finally home, opening your front door, to see her standing there waiting for you…

A wave of embarrassment followed by a feeling of love washes over you!

She hands you some treats and a handmade card too. But that’s not all!

I hope you enjoyed this short Valentine’s Day scene! I’ll be working on some visuals to go alongside it in the near future and am so sorry again that it wasn’t ready in time! I hope you got a giggle out of listening though and I hope you have a wonderful day!

All of the audio is performed by Chu! But I’ve decided to make it free to use for everyone else! The audio on this page is totally OK for you to download and even use in your own animation, games, or anything else (please only safe for work content and link back to me)! If you do create something great, be sure to let me know so I can share it!

And in that spirit, here are some extra lines I recorded for this love struck, nervous girl!

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