Happy 10k Views Birthday Drawing Live Thing! Yay!

I am so busy with real-life work, I’ll be booked til sometime next weekend, and maybe even beyond that if more keeps coming in. But I needed a break, so I made this.

And man! While I’ve been away working, the views and subs have kept coming and that is so amazing! Thank you everyone for watching, liking, subbing, spreading the word. I love being here in my little corner of the internet, talking to you guys and delivering videos you find interesting/helpful/not very good. And you guys are awesome.

So thanks!

My materials for this were a pen and a pad of scrap paper I had nearby. xD As the video says, it’s in real-time, no speedups, just me doin’ what I do. Also, apologies if there are any typos in this description or in the video. I am not right in the brain right now for typing.

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