Hacking/Botting in PVP FFXIV: ARR

Ionait makes a silent film about botting/hacking in The Wolves’ Den. When I first saw this, I assumed one of the pvp abilities allowed you to teleport. But then I saw it over and over and over. Then I asked my team if I was lagging. They said, no, they saw it too. So, how ’bout that. Apparently botting PVP is a thing now. And it for some reason involves teleporting/warping around the field.

And if this isn’t indeed hax and I am indeed just misinformed let me know. Also let Squeenix know because this is crazy.

Sorry that there’s no sound. People were eating on Skype when this happened to me haha. xD It’s either silence or chewing sounds from two dudes. Which do you want?

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