.hack//ENEMY TCG!

Late for Tabletop Day but going strong! Today I share with you guys my deepest fandom, .hack (pronounced DOT hack). This rare iteration of the series is a trading card game!

Featured Starter Decks:
Black Rose – Contagion
Terajima Ryoko – Distortion
Gardenia – Isolation
Marlo – Isolation

I scanned in the manual for anyone who is looking for it! Check it out on the Facebook page in its entirety here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.680993205320891.1073741830.145893495497534&type=1

Previous Tabletop Day Video: Moekana/Moekanji
P.S. Want more .hack content? Heaven knows, I can provide it! Also, want to see the game played? My description might not have been great. xD Let me know!

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