FFXIV: ARR – In Character Audio Journal

1 – The Garment in Question: Where Ionait describes her quest to attain the Coliseum Set from Dzemael Darkhold.

The Lodestone Written Journal Entry: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/874647/blog/642545/


Hi everyone! FFXIV:ARR is down today for maintenance, so everyone has flocked to the Lodestone to write journals, leave comments, and interact even though the game is down. This led me to beginning to detail a somewhat long, somewhat disturbing story that happened to us in game about a week ago now.

I thought it might be fun if every time I wrote a journal entry in character, in Ionait Ocian’s voice, I could also record audio to go along with it, like an audio book! So I hope you enjoy! There will be another clip whenever I write another journal entry.

P.S. I’m not a voice actor or anything so this is also practice for me to refine mah radio voice for other uses like let’s plays or voice overs!

P.P.S. I am actively seeking experience with voice acting because I just think it’s fun to do. So if you have a project, please let me know, be it a tiny part or a bigger one. I just have fun doing it and would like to improve! Thanks!

P.P.P.S: HOW TO GET THE COLISEUM SET (the one you see in the screenshot)
1. There are two sets. Disciple of Magic (DOM) (the one I am wearing in the screenshot) and the Disciple of War (DOW). They look a little different but the gist is the same kind of dancery outfit.

2. They drop at the first boss coffer in Dzemael Darkhold. You only need to beat the eye in the crystal stage at the very beginning. The chest after that boss will drop one of the following: DOM top, DOM bottom, DOW top, DOW bottom, or a shield.

3. I have not seen them drop elsewhere. They’re level 44 btw and have outstanding stats and materia slots for that level.

4. On my server, Hyperion, the top goes for 100kish, and the bottoms go for 14-20k.

5. Take your LS and go run up to first boss, then quit, then try again. However, DO NOT BE A JERK and quit after first boss with a Duty Finder party. That’s mean. Run the whole thing.

6. Everyone else knows how much they’re worth so don’t try to lie or play coy. Don’t be a jerk. Be up front and honest about what you’re looking for.

7. PROFIT! 😀

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