Drawing a Mermaid with Manga Studio 4 and Adding Tone!

Hello world! I decided it would be fun to do some quick-sketch videos, so here’s the first one. Along with it being a sort of fun challenge and way to practice, I think a lot of people could learn from watching the process, so here’s my process.

If you have any questions about the drawing itself or any of the programs/tools used to make it, feel free to ask! I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

Oh! It’s a mermaid!

Program: Manga Studio EX 4 (Smith Micro)
Tools: Intuos 5 tablet and pen (Wacom)
Time To Complete: The length of the video. This video was not sped up at any point.
Capture Program: Debut Video Capture Software (NCH) (this one is free)
Music: Gotye – Making Mirrors album

*Note about the music: I obviously have no copyright claims to Gotye. I have never met them nor have I made any transactions with them. I bought their album for download from Amazon.com during a sale for ninety-nine cents. So please, YouTube, leave the music alone.

P.S.: Would it be annoying or kind of fun if I chatted through the drawing process, Let’s Play kind of style? I might try it next time. Let me know!

(Originally Published on Jul 18, 2012)

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