Crunchyroll Fukubukuro 2014 Opening

I open the 2014 Fukubukuro from the Crunchyroll store! Will we find Gundam figures and moe delights?! Kind of. One of those things is kind of true.

The 2014 Fukubukuro is a random assortment of items regularly priced at $50 or above that you pay for close to half that price. All items were plucked from the Crunchyroll store itself and sent in a cute orange bag.

This is part 2 of a two part Crunchyroll random opening extravaganza!
To see me opening a random assortment of 30 Crunchyroll anime DVDs in my pajamas go here:

P.S. Ionait or Chu? I keep introducing myself as my in game name but you guys seem to prefer to call me Chu!
^ The Crunchyroll link is an affiliate link, so if you do use it, it’ll help out Chu! Bam! Pow!

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