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CCWC 2nd Anniversary Celebration Continues!

We’ll be celebrating CCWC’s 2nd birthday all year long with giveaways taking place during future Anime Clubs! So keep submitting your CCWC fan works for higher chances to win these prizes at future Wacht Clubs!


Chu’s Crunchy Wacht Club #28! October!

CCWC gets spooky with an October Double Feature!

We’re watching Death Parade AND Diabolik Lovers 2: More Blood!


Death Parade

From Crunchyroll’s Description of the Show:

There is a place after death that’s neither heaven nor hell—a bar that serves you one chance to win. You cannot leave until the game is over, and when it is your life may be, too.

Watch Death Parade on Crunchyroll! 


And our second vampire-filled feature is:

Diabolik Lovers 2: More Blood

From Crunchyroll’s Description of the Show:

The Diabolik Lovers series centers around the six sadistic Sakamaki vampire brothers, and the positive and kind-hearted heroine, Yui Komori. Due to her father’s work, she has to transfer to a new school, and ends up living with the Sakamaki brothers.

Watch Diabolik Lovers 2 on Crunchyroll!


Wacht Club will be held on

on Saturday,October 28th, at 9:00 PM EDT!

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