Chu! on The Fiction Quiz!

I check out a free quiz game called What Kind of Fiction Should You Write! Now, this isn’t BuzzFeed or Quizilla, this is an in-depth quiz that I find extremely helpful and accurate in finding out what you’re good at writing!

I highly recommend taking a look if you’re a creative thinker involved in writing for books, comics, or even video games. It might give you some helpful insight into your strengths and weaknesses!

Get The Fiction Quiz now! (It’s free!)
All Ages Download Page:

You can also find it on the creator’s blog as well as other games by this creator, though the blog and the other games may contain non-all ages content.
Blog Here:

Remember to share your results with me! I’m curious to see them! 😀

P.S. I call it The Fiction Quiz a bunch because that’s the name on the icon and files. It’s actual name is What Kind of Fiction Should You Write? Sorry! xD

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