Chu! on Parasite Eve – Part 1 / Day 1 Opera House/Sewers

Thank goodness gracious; it’s Parasite Eve! In this first part, I play through “Day One” of the game which includes the Opera House and Sewer levels, and several bosses/mini bosses. And I manage to Game Over once already. Because Aya and I are champs!

Several things went wrong during recording/editing, but I managed to right 98% of the wrongs! Yay! I had several panic attacks in between. The first three minutes of video is without in game sound, but still has my commentary. Everything continues as normal from there.

Also, I managed to lose three minutes of video from the very, very end, which thankfully was just a boring bit with Aya and her buddy in a car, and him going, man, tell me about that horror, and Aya going, yeah, no. So that’s what you missed. Also, buddy has a child. And it’s Christmas EVE. EVE. GET IT?!

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