Chu! on Kitty Can Fly!

I take a look at the browser based and Android phone game, Kitty Can Fly, by the creator of Moe Escape, Lolic Onion!

We fling Kitty into the air with a cannon, unlock power ups, and get lost in the thrill of flight… Forever.. Never to return to humanity.

Play the Game!
Android (Google Play Store):

Let me know what you guys think of Kitty Can Fly and be sure to send me a screen cap if you beat my high score!

* Just to be clear, Lolic Onion asked me to take a look at this game and make a video, and I said yes! I wasn’t paid and these are all really my opinions. I agreed to make the video because I played the game AND HOLY COW FUN! xD

Bonus: I drew the heroine from Moe Escape, Fabienne and the Kitty from Kitty Can Fly going on a picnic!

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