Chu! on Final Fantasy VIII #14 – Tomb of the Unknown King

We continue in Deling City where we are immediately told we’re just not good enough to see Caraway. Better go prove ourselves for the zillionth time (because fighting a giant robot during the SeeD exam just doesn’t cut it — time for a maze) but we do find a new GF along the way!

Please keep sending in your name suggestions for GFs! You don’t have to name a specific GF. Just put a cool name out there you want seen and I’ll use it for whichever GF I think it fits. ^^ Or name a specific one. Whichever summons your boat. (Get it? Get it though?)

Thanks as always to Sorayomi, the best cosplayer in all the land. (She’s the lady in the title card photos!)

If you like video games, anime, manga, RWBY, Bleach, you name it, she has probably made an amazing cosplay of it! I personally recommend checking out her photos as Blake from RWBY. So cute! ;_;

Check out Sorayomi here:

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