Chu! on FFXIV:ARR – Let’s Fight Garuda (NM)

We band together and put on our brave faces to fight the beautiful, terrible, wonderful Garuda!

(Garuda was the name of my server in FFXI. And it’s the best. She she’s the best. THE BEST! RAWWWWR!)

Ionait Ocian (Scholar) (ps3)
Lag Slider (Bard)
Spoony Bardsworth (Monk)
Crimson Buddha (Warrior)

— Hyperion Server

It actually look 4 tries to beat her, all my fault. I tried to cut a lot of the fumbling out because it wasn’t funny fumbling. It was pitiful fumbling. As soon as we got into the fight and I started buffing everyone, my cell phone started ringing. And it never stopped.

Also! You may or may not have noticed everyone’s gear is a bit above level for this fight (maybe something they’ll nerf in the future?) Though I did cut some things due to the above mentioned problems, we still beat Garuda in what the party considered a really, really fast time. The final attempt I believe was 5-6 minutes.

So the moral of the story is… Have high level friends. 😀

Also, how about that healin’?! Pretty good, right?! RIGHT?!

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