Chu! on FFXIV: ARR – Thornmarch – Good King Moggle Mog Fight!

A full LS/FC party with friends, family, and maybe some… Refreshments mixed in there. It’s all we need to conquer the Good King once and for all! Or thrice and for all in our case. Which is still a darned good showing!

Might be obvious, but this was the first time doing the fight for a lot of us and doing the 2.0 version of the fight for most of us. I’m very proud of my team and happy with how it turned out!

Ionait Ocian – Scholar
Elty Maxima – Bard
Amelia Thorne – Paladin
Mad Katter – White Mage
Ekatsia Eli – Summoner
Liam Ocian – Black Mage
Crimson Buddha – Warrior
Lito Bandit – Bard

P.S. (I yearn for the day I don’t need a PS in one of my videos)
Something between Fraps and Skype just don’t mix. I am aware of this, however, it’s still the best way for me to record right now on PC, so I apologize. Everyone’s voice is nice and loud and strong but mine. As per the usual. ;_; I’m sorry.

P.P.S The cropping on my PC recorded videos has gotten very, very bad and I’m not sure how to fix it. I’m on a 4:3 ratio monitor right now. Have not upgraded to wide screen. But I still have no idea why it ends up in such a tiny box. I just can’t invest in a new monitor right now but would like to. @_@

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