Chu! on Blade and Soul! – 1

We venture into Blade and Soul for the first time, unsure, unable to read Chinese, with just a cat and an apron. What will become of us?

Part one roughly covers the beginning of the game through the solo tutorial portion and just a pinch of the opening world where we all finally meet each other! And commence complimenting each other like proper ladies. Even though only one of us is a real lady.

Chu as Hop Hop
Liam as Samuri Love
Angelic as.. Angelic Evil

P.S. If you’re new to my channel, there is something you’re going to notice. When I am alone in these videos, they tend to be quite clean, even family friends. When ANYONE ELSE joins me, there tend to be swears and awkward situations. So. Not family friendly anymore. You have been warned.

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