Chu! Bam! Pow! is on Patreon!

Chu! Bam! Pow! is now on Patreon at!

You can donate for cute rewards that are still growing but please don’t feel pressured to donate! No matter what happens, I’m going to keep making videos and cute content for everyone!

You guys have been so supportive and great and I always say I am one of the most spoiled YouTubers ever. In the history of the internet. And I mean it. Thank you for being there for me!

Even if Patreon doesn’t work out, I’m going to keep growing and giving you guys MOAR!

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Fountain, CO. 80817

You can help out the channel by trying out the anime streaming/manga reading/awesome anime item selling service Crunchyroll! If you’re interested, you can use Chu! Bam! Pow!’s referral link to help out the channel!

Happy Gaming! See you again soon!

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