Chu At Free Comic Book Day! [VIDEO]

Hi everyone!

Last weekend (May 6th) I got to go out in the wild to represent Chu! Bam! Pow! for Free Comic Book Day 2017! Yeah! That whole sentence feels weird to me!

I have never been invited anywhere as “Chu” in real life. I’ve always felt very welcome on the internet (thank you guys) but never has what I do ever translated well in real life. Be it trying to explain what I do on YouTube or describing the trials and tribulations of voice acting in my closet, these things are often met with smiles and nods and then left alone. I mean, family members have expressed pride in what I’ve been accomplishing and I have felt very supported! But still I never really felt understood.

So color me surprised when Mr. Dave Raines from Big Show Entertainment Network found me at Colorado Anime Fest 2017 and was genuinely interested in what I was up to. And then invited me out with him to Kapow Comics and Coffee for Free Comic Book Day to do interviews and just be a… Like a guest. Like a celebrity guest?

Chu on the Bitfaced Podcast!




So please check out the video linked in this post for an interview with me and some candid, awkward moments!

I may appear wildly uncomfortable (ahahaha I am) but I had a lot of fun! I got to talk to some great people who were wonderful personalities of their own. I got to eat a delicious banananananananana Batman smoothie. I got to meet Bitfaced. I got to get a bunch of FREE COMICS. It was Free Comic Book Day after all! And I look back on that day really positively and hope it’s just the beginning of more fun adventures!

These are the three comics I chose from Kapow!

And stay tuned because while I was there, I was able to guest on the Bitfaced Podcast, a really fun pop culture podcast with a bunch of genuinely funny, super nice fellows. I’ll share that link around as soon as I get it!

UPDATE: The Bitfaced Podcast (with me!) is here! Give it a listen and be sure to let Bitfaced know if you’d like me to try it again! LISTEN HERE!

I will work hard to become less awkward in front of a real people camera. I will strive to entertain even when outside of the comfort of my closet. And I will become slightly less of a mole person. These are the promises I make here to you today.




Check out my photos from Free Comic Book Day!

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