Chu! Apps! School Idol Festival! FREE

Love Live! School Idol Project, the hit school idol anime, has been turned into a free app! Raise your recruits to be the best idols, make your own groups, and try to collect all of the girls from u’s (Muse)! Oh did I mention there is finger dancing? So much finger dancing.

I am so happy to share this free app with you guys! You can play on your Apple OR Android device, phone or tablet, so it’s really flexible too! I hope you guys have as much fun playing as I am!

Download the app here:

P.S. Watch Love Live! School Idol Project seasons 1 and 2 on Crunchyroll for free! Here!
(Clicking my affiliate code helps out the channel!)

P.P.S. The game will need time to update so the first time you restart the game, there will be a longish download sequence. Give it time! This should be the only instance such a big download occurs.

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