Chu! Apps! Potion Maker

It’s always fun cruising the free games section of the app store! You never know what you’re going to get, a free to play hidden gem that changes your life forever (Love Live School Idol Festival anyone?) or something that you desperately want to forget but can’t (tune in to a future Chu! Apps to see that one).

This time we got a cute little gem! Potion Maker may be a child of the clicker genre which I am not necessarily a fan of, but it’s put together in just a nice little package and I can see myself tapping away on potions and lolis for months to come.

This video was NOT sponsored. I just like finding cute games and sharing them.

Get Potion Maker on iOS or the Google Play Store. Potion Maker does not seem to be available on the Amazon App Store (sorry Kindle Fire owners).

*NOTE: As said in the video, the stuttering is NOT caused by the app. It’s caused by my recording software. ;_;

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