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I share one of my favorite workout apps, Burn Your Fat With Me! It features doing sit-ups, (push-ups and squats in DLC too) to earn moe-vation points to unlock romantic scenes with Mayu, your childhood friend! She wants you to get in shape and be cool again!

I love this app because the anime/manga theme, the cute voice acting, and the customization options for everything makes working out a lot more engaging for me and gives me something to look forward to after I work hard!

Sorry for the bad cut, the no background, all that good stuff. I’m trying out different AirPlay software now to decide which one to go for and I’m still new at it. Plus this software seems to be a bit laggy, so the audio might be shaky or out of sync at times. This is not the app’s fault but the PC’s fault. ;_;

Burn Your Fat With Me is available on:
Android for $2.03:

Apple Devices for 99 cents:!!/id486692623?mt=8

*In-app purchases include DLC packs for sit-up expansion, squats, and push-ups as well as a few costumes, though most are free*

More information!
There is a version for girls with handsome fellas holding your feet called Burn Your Heart With Me, but it is still in Japanese. I did find it on the app-store under Creative Freaks though.

Creative Freaks Site:

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