CBP! Doodles! – Drawing and Coloring Mimion and Ionait – Part 2 – FINAL

Part two of this Doodle was live streamed on 3/12/2013, with two other CBP! folks chillin’ in the chat with me. 😀

This was an odd day honestly, so I apologize that even while it is sped up, it’s a bit everywhere. Ever have one of those days where your children seem to have melted your brain? Also, for some reason, shaky hand syndrome the whole time. I might have to give myself a break before I break my wrist. ^^;;

As with the last one, no music present, though I was bustin’ out tunes in the live stream. So turn on your favorite song while you watch!

If you have any questions about drawing/coloring/Manga Studio EX 4, let me know in the comments! Thanks for watching!

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