About Chu

chu“Hi, I’m Chu! I’m the leader of Chu! Bam! Pow! (soon to be your leader too eheheh…)”

What’s that on her cheek? Probaby glazed donut crumbs.

Nickname: Lil Chu
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Hobby: Playing video games
Greatest Trait: Determination
Worst Trait: Emotional
Goal in Life: Become ‘Net Queen


Lil Chu – Behind The Scenes


Chibi Ionait… One day to become Lil Chu.

The very first version of ‘Lil Chu’ was technically a chibi drawn by Chu to represent her online persona. Chibis were also made for frequent Chu! Bam! Pow! guests.

You can spot Lil Chu around the CBP!-verse in Arisutan‘s loli-style. But most recently the mantle of Artist-Papa has been taken by Jeff Nice who has been kind enough to allow Chu to rely on him for future CBP! art and projects!